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I've been a busy bee!

Well my life has gone from trying to fill every day with something constructive during lock down, to trying to find a moment to relax.........and it's great!!

Since opening up properly on April 12th, Coastal Path Reflexology has gradually grown into the business I was hoping for more than a year ago!

Not only have I been building up my client base, but I have also been studying........

Firstly, I completed the amazing Lynne Booth's Vertical Reflex Therapy course. Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) is a unique method of weight-bearing reflexology which is briefly applied to the dorsal (top) feet and hands. It is adaptable for the standing, seated and reclining client.

VRT takes only a few minutes to apply and can be used in conjunction with the traditional reflexology treatment or as a stand alone "quick fix", especially for musculoskeletal and mobility issues. I have been using it to good effect with most of my clients.

For more details click on the link:

I have also attended a 3 day course for a Diploma in Indian Head Massage, with the lovely Bridget Prusik, in St Endellion, here in north Cornwall. This course has changed my life! Not only was it a fabulous skill to learn, but I have met some truly inspirational, like minded women.

I am not fully qualified yet, as I have to complete and write up some case studies, but I am well on the way. Family, friends and clients alike are loving being the guinea pigs!

I will let you all know when I can offer this treatment officially.

Enjoy the sunshine 😎

I'm off for a swim! 👙

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