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Advanced Facial Reflexology

The Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology 

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This method of Facial Reflexology was developed by the award winning Ziggie Bergman. It is a non-invasive, natural complimentary therapy based on the same principles as foot and hand Reflexology.

It also draws on a combination of Native American techniques and Asian body maps, making it the perfect  treatment for the mind, body and spirit. 


As with all Reflexology treatments, the overall aim is to help the client improve their overall health and wellbeing. It is a deeply relaxing and soothing treatment that helps to ease stress and anxiety. But also, because of the face's proximity to the brain, the reflex points directly connect to the body's neuro- pathways. This makes it especially beneficial to those with symptoms of migraine, bruxism, bells palsy and sinus issues. 

The added benefit of this treatment is that I use Ziggie's very own Amethyst Crystal-infused Elixir which hydrates your skin and has been shown to reduce wrinkles and help you look radiant.

For more information on this  amazing treatment, message me.... 

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