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Reiki is a natural energy healing system which focuses on the mind, body, emotions and spirit to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

This non-intrusive, fully clothed treatment includes both hands on and off the body. The practitioner channels energy to create balance, release stagnation and encourage the body's own healing mechanisms.



Everything in the universe is made up of energy. It exists on a continuum from the most dense and least conscience that we call "physical matter", to the least dense and most conscious, called "spiritual".

The energy field that flows in and around us responds to everything we think, say, feel and experience. It can become disrupted or blocked if we unconsciously or consciously accept and absorb any negative  words, thoughts, feelings or experiences. If these blockages are left then the negative energy can become more dense, which can in turn cause physical illness.

Reiki is a spiritual energy that vibrates at a very high frequency. It helps to break through these blockages within the physical body and the electromagnetic field (Aura) that surrounds it, charging them with positive energy and raising the vibratory level of the whole energy field. This helps clear, balance and straighten the energy pathways, allowing the "life force" to flow more freely around the body.  In turn, strengthening and accelerating the body's own natural ability to heal.

The Reiki practitioner channels the universal energy, which is abundant and all around us, by placing the hands gently on or just above the body. You usually feel very relaxed, warm and peaceful as the energy flows through you. You may also feel tingling, heat or coolness where the practitioner's hands are placed. Some clients reach a meditative state, feel like they are floating, see colours, images or become quite emotional. This is all quite normal and shows that the blockages are being released.

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